Intensive and continuing care


Pre-and post-operative care monitors and preserves the vital functions of the body (heart, lungs, kidneys and nerves). Intensive care also looks after the general functioning of the body (metabolism, calorie intake, thermogenesis, etc) and the delicate balance of the internal organs.

It is not necessary to be in the continuing care unit for standard post-operative follow-up.

The continuing care unit

The monitoring desk in the continuing care unit

For intensive care you will be admitted to the continuing care unit. This unit is on the 1st floor of the Polyclinique du Parc and has up to eight beds available. Patients are admitted by the anaesthetist: either after serious surgery or because the patient has an illness that affects the vital functions of the body.

Two nurses and two nursing assistants are present day and night to provide continuous treatment and monitoring, exactly as in the operating theatre: they will be monitoring your heart rate, pulse and blood pressure.

A nurse in the continuing care unit

Visiting hours in the continuing care unit

Visiting hours are restricted to family members only, from 14h 00 to 16h 00 each day, in order to allow the nursing staff to carry out the frequent treatment and checks patients require. You can however ask for news of your dear ones by ringing 02 41 63 45 91.